Terms And Conditions - CCERT

1. I/We on the behalf of above said center confirm that2. I/We want affiliation from "Council of Computer Education Research and Training" for my/our institute/center/firm/company/ngo to run the CCERT's Computer Education & Training program and I/We am/are fully satisfied from the CCERT. 3. I/We am/are authorized for every responsibility and liability of my/our institute. 4. I/We will not give any guarantee or promise to any student to give or get any job. 5. All admission/examination documents collected from the CCERT/students will be kept safely/confidentially by me/us and it is my responsibility for its timely distribution in the center or sent to the CCERT. 6. I/We shall abide by present rule and regulations and directions of the CCERT and those, which are inforce time to time. 7. I/We have read and understood and accept the rules and regulations of the CCERT and agree to abide by them. If I/We violate any rule and regulation of the CCERT. The CCERT will authorized to cancel the affiliation and I/We will liable to bear all expenses of the CCERT and students. 8. I/We understand that, All course are for self-help and self-employment purpose. 9. I/We know CCERT is an autonomous body which is registered under Section 8 (non profit educational institute) of Company Act. 2013 of MCA of Govt. of India. 10. In case of any misshaping/accident with any student in my premises/center, CCERT will not be held responsible for the same. 11. All disputes are subject to Ludhiana Jurisdiction only. 12. I/we will never collect any kind of payment from any one on behalf of CCERT. 13. I/we will never issue any document/letter/certificate to any one on behalf of CCERT. by signing here I/We hereby confirm that all information provided by me/us is true in all means & if needed I/We will provide supporting documents. I/We also confirm that I/We understand and accept all the terms conditions written below and published on CCERT's website (www.ccert.in). I/we shall be bound byna